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I am delighted to serve as a reference for Dr. Louise Boothby-Llorente. Many years before I had the pleasure of working directly with her I had heard about her exceptional skills from other colleagues in the Tallahassee area. Her reputation for working with young children and their families at Creative Pre-school was known to many of us in the human services arena. As former Bureau Chief (I retired in January 2010) for Florida’s early intervention system with Children’s Medical Services, the Florida Department of Health Early Steps, I had the good fortune of working with Louise when she became the Director of Early Steps in St. Petersburg.

Not long after joining Early Steps it was apparent Louise had earned the respect of other directors across the state. She willingly shared her knowledge and experiences with them which helped them improve as leaders. She has a common sense approach to working with others and is not afraid to ask questions. She understands the needs of parents and often took extra time to explain how and why early intervention works.

Dr. Boothby-Llorente is an excellent trainer, team player, and motivator. She has all the skills and experience needed to be a faculty member in Early Childhood Education. Students will respond positively to her and she will enhance their learning experience at USF.

Janice M. Kane
Bureau Chief
Department of Health, Children’s Medical Services, Early Steps Programs

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