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Louise H. Boothby, Ph.D.
Child Development Specialist
Early Intervention Consultant

We all want what is best for our kids, especially when it comes to child development milestones. Getting children ready for school and equipped with the mental, physical, emotional and social skills needed to be successful in life are the goals of my Playtime 123 Programs.

With kids immersed in a fast-paced, high-tech, on-the-go society, how do we find ways to influence their development, instill values, and build a strong foundation for life-long learning? We do so by staying connected with our children and committing to all areas of their development.

Kids Play

Play is essential. Through play, children develop their minds, bodies, emotions and social skills. Through structured play, we guide our children's developmental outcomes.

Children need to play for many reasons:

  • To build trust through nurturing relationships with the ones they love
  • To move their bodies, focus their atention and become confident explorers
  • To experiment, exercise their brains and become independent thinkers
  • To listen, talk, take turns talking and listening, and become good communicators
  • To learn cooperation, sharing, and become social with others
  • To have balance in their lives, learn to relax, and reach their full potential

Playtime 1-2-3

I can teach you the "fun"damentals of smart playtime with your children -- your own children, the ones you are raising, or the ones in your home-based care. I am here to create a play-based structure in your home so you can guide your kids' growth and development.

Find out how you can add more playtime fun in your home by scheduling a consultation with me. We can talk about how I can help you with the goals you have for the children in your care.

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